It's all about the Desert !

Israel Desert tour, Negev, horse riding, riding camels, Bedouin tents
Israel Desert tour, Negev, horse riding, riding camels, Bedouin tents

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The desert – that is the one thing we have a lot of, in Israel and in Jordan. This tour will give you the opportunity to live the desert and to compare Jordanian and Israeli desert lives through the eyes of the “locals”, Bedouins and Kibbutz niks. You will enjoy one of the most amazing sceneries; taste some of the tastiest dishes you have ever put in your mouth, and leave wanting for more.

Immediately upon your arrival at Ben Gurion airport in Israel you’ll be transferred to the city of Arad. You will stay in a luxury hotel to relax after your long flight. The very next day you will start on your desert adventure. You will visit Timna Valley where you will be amazed by the colors and the beautiful scenery. You will also visit the huge meteorite crater, get a Jeep and Camel Safari, spend a night in a Bedouin tent and eat Bedouin food prepared by the desert nomads themselves.

After completing the Israeli desert experience, you will be transferred through the southern Yitzhak Rabbin “Arava” border point to your luxury hotel in Aqaba on the Red Sea, your starting point in Jordan. Visit Wadi Rum and get a bird’s eye view of the land of Laurence of Arabia. Visit Petra, the Red Rose Rock city that is a symbol of an ancient civilization that prospered thousands of years ago. Stay with the Jordanian Bedouins, eat food they prepare especially for you – AND – when all is said and done, you can give us your own opinion on who wins the hospitality competition, Israel or Jordanian Bedouins ??