Palestine – Say what?

Jericho Palestine Tourism Bethlehem Ramallah
Jericho Palestine Tourism Bethlehem Ramallah

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When to go:
All year round
Starting from $2410.00 per person for 2 guests.
Ideal Length:
7 nights, 8 days.
Flight time:
Note that the rate includes only land arrangements, for flights from your country please email us and we'll help you.


Well, there is a country in the world called Palestine. AND, guess what? Palestine actually has lots of things to see. You ask us what and we’ll be more than pleased to tell you.

We’’ start you off in the Economic capital of Palestine, Ramallah. You will visit the “New York’ and the “Silicon Valley” of Palestine. You will also get a glimpse of a shockingly “happening” night life. You will also visit Bethlehem, the source and start of Christianity and the birthplace of Jesus Christ – the home of the church of the Nativity. Hebron will be so inviting, with the smile and generosity of its residents. And then the north, Nablus, a historical treasure mine, Jenin and Toul Karem – and much, much more.

Ramallah will be your base for the beginning of your stay. You will stay at the at the best Hotel in the city, the Movenpick, situated in the very center and close to all the exciting parts of the city. And if you choose to stay in the hotel, well then you will need nothing more, because you will have all that you need at your fingertips. You will be amazed when you go out at night, with a local group (arranged by us if you so desire) at the wild and wacky night life of Ramallah. We guarantee that you will be telling your friends about the exciting times you spend for a long time after your return.

From Ramallah you will spend some time in Bethlehem, where you will get the spiritual mix in your otherwise exciting stay. We’ll then transfer you to the beautiful Palestinian country side. Spend some quiet time in the northern Palestinian cities of Nablus, Toul Karem and Jenin. We’ll guarantee a quiet end to an exciting and adventurous vacation.


Tour highlights: Ramallah, Jerusalem Old City, Nablus, Jericho, Bethlehem, Dead Sea

Where will you rest your head:

Oasis Hotel Jericho, Movenpick Hotel Ramallah, Jacir Palace Hotel Bethlehem